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What We Can offer is an independent insurance agency focused on small businesses in the trades.
With our strong broker relationships, we can create custom policies.

Imagine gaining a six figure tax savings with a 30-minute consultation. In a 20-minute educational presentation, we can show you how to protect your employees from lost wages.

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    Short term disability

    Designed to protect business owners and employees from a temporary loss of income. At any moment, a sickness or accident can have long-term financial consequences for you and your family. Short-term Disability helps the sick or injured pay medical bills, mortgage payments, or any other expenses that you may incur while unable to work. Loss wages are reimbursed with a lump sum monthly payment making it sensible to protect yourself and your family with this Guaranteed-Issued Supplemental Insurance Policy.

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    Accident policy

    Accident Supplemental Insurance policies help with the unexpected out-of-pocket costs that can chip away at the financial safety net of any family budget. Coverage includes ER visits, hospitalization, skin grafts, ambulance, stitches, and radiology. The Accident Policy offers multiple coverage options to accommodate with all costing no more than a cup of coffee.

  • Hospital

    Hospital Supplemental Insurance pays for overnight costs and out of pocket expenses. Hospital Insurance is Guaranteed Issue with a hospital confinement benefit of $3000. Cash is paid directly to the policy holder and there is one rate for all ages. This is not major medical insurance.

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    Cancer Supplemental Insurance

    Cancer Supplemental Insurance pays for wellness, diagnosis, and treatment. Cancer Policies focus on the whole person with benefits that provide lump sum payouts. Our Supplemental Insurance protection includes payment for the newest advances in Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Whole, Term & Universal Life Insurance w/ Living Benefits
    Whole, Term & Universal Life Insurance w/ Living Benefits

    Whole and Term Life Insurance is a sensible way to create an immediate estate. Universal Life Insurance is a self-funded Retirement Plan option with Living Benefits. Living Benefits allows you to access all or part of your death benefit while living. This benefit is unrestricted which means you can use the benefit for any reason once you qualify.

  • Juvenile Life Insurance

    Juvenile Life is a foundation product for children. This product is not designed to protect families from loss of income. Juvenile Life Insurance makes it easier to ensure competitive rates for children. As a foundation product Juvenile Life Insurance is Guaranteed Issue, doubles in amount at 18 years of age providing a financial foundation when the child reaches adulthood.

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    Dental (Supplemental Benefits)

    Dental Supplemental Insurance provides benefits with no network allowing employees to choose their provider without precertification requirements.

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    Vision (Supplemental Benefits)

    Vision Supplemental Insurance is complete eye care insurance. Cash benefits include eye exams, prescription glasses/contact lens, eye surgeries, and disease. There is no network requirements and you can choose your own provider. Cash benefits are paid directly to the policyholder.

  • Critical Care & Recovery Supplemental Insurance
    Critical Care & Recovery Supplemental Insurance

    Critical Care and Recovery Supplemental Insurance is there if you are diagnosed with an illness and find yourself with an expensive recovery. You receive cash benefits for price expenses from an illness as you recover. Benefits include, First-Occurrence, Recurrence, Hospital Stay, price, and Continuing Care.

  • Doctor with a stethoscope
    Major Medical Insurance

    Employer-sponsored medical coverage is the most common way Americans get insurance. Commonly referred to as Major Medical Insurance or Health Insurance employees and their families become eligible when an employer chooses to offer health benefits. Employer-sponsored medical coverage can also include retired employees.

  • The Strength of Age
    Medicare/Prescription Plans

    One American turns 65 every eight seconds and ten thousand baby boomers turn Medicare eligible every day. Medicare Part A and Part B can become expensive. There is a 20% of your care out-of-pocket and no maximum cap on fees, meaning the more care you need, the more you may have to pay. Medicare Part A and Part B also does not cover prescription drugs, meaning you do not get any help paying for medication at the pharmacy. is here to help you fill in the gaps at a price that you can afford.

  • Business Insurance
    Business Insurance

    Small business insurance is a vital part of owning a business. Not only does it protect t the livelihood you’ve worked so hard to build it will also cover expensive damage and lawsuits from accidents, natural disasters, professional errors, workers compensation claims and more. At we offer: General Liability, Property, Professional Liability, Commercial auto, Worker's Comp, Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers Insurance.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    Long-Term Care Insurance

    Long-term care insurance refers to a host of services that aren’t covered by Major Medical Health Insurance or Medicare. This includes assistance with routine daily activities, like bathing, dressing or getting in and out of bed. A long-term care insurance policy helps cover the costs of that care when you have a disability or an acute, chronic or terminal medical condition.

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